The Benefits of Outsourcing in the Philippines

2019-12-23 10:51:14 | Business Asia Consulting

The number of companies outsourcing in the Philippines has been continuously increasing over the years. Foreign companies saw a big opportunity to offshore in the country ever since the government established a special economic zone in 1995. For many good reasons, numerous businesses from the United States, Europe, and Australia have been choosing to work with professionals from our country. At this moment, we are being tagged as second in the top outsourcing locations in the Asia Pacific. Hence, what really makes outsourcing in the Philippines differ from other countries?



1. Cost Effectivity


The cost of living in the Philippines is 75% less compared to the United States, Europe, and Australia. Instead of building an onshore team, businesses may get an offshore team and still get a good quality service, but at a great value. In that way, companies can cut costs while improving efficiency as well.



2. Culture Fit


Aside from the fact that our culture is similar to the western’s, what makes Filipinos easy to work with is the fact that we are very adaptable to foreign cultures — we are always willing to explore and dive into other people’s way of living. Another thing is that we are known for being hospitable, and every foreigner who visited the Philippines or visited a Filipino family home would agree to that.



3. Work Ethic


Filipinos are renowned for being globally-competitive — we are committed to always go beyond what is expected. Foreign businesses choose to outsource in the Philippines for the reason that Filipinos can build a team that provides a quality service anytime the client needs it. Our workforce has always been strong because of our dedication to customer service.



4. English Proficiency


Language barrier has always been one of the major problems in offshoring. Many projects faced problems because of miscommunication. The good thing about outsourcing in the Philippines is that businesses do not have to worry about miscommunication because Filipinos are easy to talk to. Alongside Tagalog, Filipinos are also fluent in speaking in English and their accent is easy to understand.



5. Stable Government and Economy


There is no doubt that businesses who outsource in a country that has an unstable government and economy are at risk. Another reason why companies choose to outsource in the Philippines is that our government and economy are stable. We have always been open to foreign companies who want to invest and what we offer in return is our dedication to customer service.



There are a lot more reasons why the Philippines is being tagged as one of the best locations to outsource. Therefore, if you are thinking of entering the Philippine market, contact Business Asia Consulting— we are your leading business solutions services provider. Just connect with us and we will happily set up a meeting with you.