What Makes the Philippines a Great Country to Live?

2020-01-31 17:19:28 | Business Asia Consulting

It’s more fun in the Philippines — this is the phrase that you would usually hear from foreigners after experiencing the Philippine culture.


The tropical Asian country has been on the bucket list for most of the foreigners because of the beauty it offers. The crystal clear beaches, the incredible mountain views, the almost all year summer weather is what attracts the people from other countries to experience the Pearl of the Orient Seas. For the same reason, some are even considering settling in the country. If you would take a look at the number of expats in the Philippines, there are over a hundred thousand. Nevertheless, here are the three reasons that make the Philippines a great country to live in.


Diverse Culture


What makes the Filipino culture unique from the others is the fact that it was shaped by different influences from Spanish, Chinese, and Americans. Its uniqueness is loved by many people around the world — how the Filipino people adjust and relate to different cultures is what makes it easier for them to connect with foreigners visiting the Philippines.


Cost of Living


The cost of living in the Philippines is way cheaper compared to Hong Kong and Singapore. Even though there is a big difference between the cost of living in rural and urban areas, both are still cheap and affordable. The cost of renting an apartment or condo, public transportation, and groceries are all inexpensive.


Job Opportunities

Despite poverty still being an issue in the Philippines, the robust economy has been continuously opening up job opportunities. The number of various businesses has been increasing from a year after year — there has been a lot of great minds working together to make the economy even stronger.

The Philippines has a lot more to offer. If you are thinking of living abroad, let us help you with that. We are a business solutions company that offers all the services you need to jump-start your relocation easily. Contact us and we’ll happily set up a meeting with you.