At Business Asia Consulting, we pride ourselves in being a one-stop service shop for anyone who already owns or wishes to establish a business in the Philippines. Regardless of if you are a foreign company or an individual, our trusted consultants and legal team can equip you with the practical solutions that you need to get your business started.

At Business Asia Consulting, our goal is to help create new businesses to fulfill the needs of the market. We are skilled in identifying attractive businesses that have high potential for growth as well as the capacity to compete long term.

Feasibility Studies


Business Asia Consultants conduct feasibility studies on project plans for our clients. We provide a comprehensive industry analyses in order to determine market opportunities, and work closely with our clients to achieve their business objectives within an estimated time frame.

Feasibility Studies


We are dedicated to connecting global investors to Filipino business partners. BA Consulting conducts thorough screening beforehand and establishes a sound partnership between the two parties built on trust, reliance, and integrity.

Feasibility Studies


If you are looking into entering the Philippine market – we can support you in the area with market analysis, existing hurdles and competitors, channels and approaches, partners research, credit rating verification, etc.


BA Consulting understands that new business owners, whether foreign or local, are busy with management and operations. Registering your business to meet governmental requirements can take considerable amount of time and effort. With Business Asia, registration is made simple and easy, so you can focus in operating and growing your business.


With intimate knowledge about the various practices and processes in Philippines government agencies, we can smoothly guide you through all the legal and statutory requirements you will need to register your business.

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Representative Office
  • Branch Office
  • Regional Headquarters


We also have great knowledge and experience in dealing with government offices within the Philippines. Our services offer to bear the burden of navigating various government agencies to make sure that each and every report is delivered to them in a timely manner. With us, you will be able to sleep well knowing that your company will be following government regulations.

  • Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Barangay Business Clearance
  • Building Permit and Electrical Inspection
  • Fire Safety Inspection
  • Sanitary Permits
  • Occupancy Permits
  • Locational Clearance
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • Business TIN Number and Certificate of Registration
  • Social Security System (SSS)
  • Pag-IBIG
  • Philhealth
  • Other government agencies
  • Food and Drug Authority (FDA) License
  • Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) License
  • Environmental Compliance Certificate
  • Banko Sentral ng Philipinas (BSP)
  • Export & Import License (BIR)


Eligible businesses may apply for incentives with Philippine government agencies such as:

  • Board of Investments (BOI)
  • Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)
  • Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA)
  • Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA)
  • Other incentives programs


We have vast expertise in establishing offshore companies in popular jurisdictions.

  • UAE Offshore (JAFZA and RAK)
  • Cayman Islands
  • Cyprus
  • Costa Rica
  • Gibraltar
  • Guernsey
  • Isle of Man
  • British Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • Turks and Caicos
  • Panama
  • Seychelles
  • Malta
  • Mauritius
  • Switzerland-Swiss
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Labuan – Malaysia
  • Other


Successful businesses make it their priority to continuously seek growth by exploring new markets. At Business Asia Consulting, we truly understand the challenges you face when starting a new business or opening new offices abroad.

Whether it is a complete back-office solution or shared office space you are looking for, we are always available for hands-on support. Our services range from basic administrative and corporate secretarial support to dedicated guidance and support on desk and meeting room rental.

Feasibility Studies


  • Prestigious office address for business registration
  • Access to administrative support
  • Receptionist to greet guests
  • Incoming call forwarding
  • Mail handling
Feasibility Studies


  • Located in the heart of Makati Central Business District
  • 24/7 building security
  • Secure, business-grade internet and WiFi
  • Booking of meeting room on
  • Access to printer, scanner and photocopier


We offer a talent pool that runs deep, with a network of both local and foreign candidates coming from a variety of industries with different levels of experience.

Local Staff Deployment In The Philippines

When you are seeking for local staff in the Philippines, we will provide you with a dedicated recruitment specialist who has the skills, local know-how, and existing network to solve your hiring needs. Business Asia provides a fast and cost-effective recruitment/deployment solution that will take the time, cost, and hassle out looking for local talent here in the Philippines.

Expat Staff Deployment In The Philippines

International applicants require a unique recruitment service delivered by a firm who understands international cultures and business requirements. Having assisted a number of international firms, we deliver recruitment and deployment services for international candidate who are fit for all positions for local employment in the Philippines.

  • Executive Position
  • Managerial Position
  • Supervisory Position
  • Rank and File Position


With our track record of proven marketing strategies, we assist both foreign and local business improve their level of awareness and competitiveness within their markets. By helping companies understand who their target audience is and how to reach them, they are able to gain more clients and build their brand.

Brand Consulting


We want to ensure that your brand is sharing the right story. Our goal is to have you attract right target customer segments, create your desired image and get a positive return on investment.

Print Design


Our team of skilled graphic designers are experienced with designing marketing collateral for print ranging from business cards to large signage. Translation services are available for Chinese, Korean and Filipino languages.

Website Design


For both new and pre-existing websites, we offer design services to help your creative ideas become a digital reality. Translation services are available for Chinese, Korean and Filipino languages.



We help you realize your vision by putting together fresh, tailor-fit campaign ideas that put your plans into focus.


With a number of visa types available here in the Philippines, having the proper visa for you and your employees can be quite challenging. With non-compliance to the country’s Immigration Law bringing about serious results, such as fines and blacklist, it is extremely important for you to consult with professionals in dealing with immigration concerns.

Business Asia’s team of specialists assists individuals and local and foreign companies’ employees with obtaining appropriate visas and permits with different government agencies, depending on your requirements.

BA Consulting Visa & Immigration specialists take pride in providing following services:
  • Determine which type of visa suits you and your employees the best;
  • Guide you in acquiring the visa you require quickly using express service; and
  • Process all necessary documents with BI (Bureau of Immigration) and/or DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment)

9(a) Temporary Visa Extension

Processing Time : 5 DAYS (Regular) / 1 DAY (Express)

Open for 21 days to almost all nationalities, the tourist visa is generally for short visits. Tourist visa can be extended by written application and payment of the required fee prior to the expiration of a valid stay.

For foreign nationals who are admitted with an initial stay and who wish to extend:
  • Apply for a visa waver first, granting an addition stay of twenty nine (29) days in the Philippines
  • Thereafter, may apply for one (1) month, two (2) months or six (6) months extensions
  • Submit application at least seven (7) days before your Temporary Visitors’ visa expires
  • Non-visa require nationals may extend for up to thirty-six (36) months
  • Visa-required nationals may extend for up to twenty-four (24) months
  • Note: The said periods shall be counted from the date of the applicant’s latest recorded arrival.

Requirements for 9(a) Temporary Visa Extension:
  • Original Passport
  • Application Form (TVS-CGAF-VE-2016)
  • Sworn Statement for overstaying / updating of stay of more than six (6) months
  • Submit application at least seven (7) days before your Temporary Visitors’ visa expires



Processing Time : 5-10 DAYS

A Special Work Permit (SWP) is granted to foreign nationals who will be engaging in gainful employment in the Philippines for three to six months without any extension or renewal. Should the foreign national be required to extend their work/project in the Philippines after the expiration of their SWP, they may apply for a 9(g) work visa and an Alien Employment Permit (AEP).

Requirements for Special Work Permit (SWP):
  • Notarized Letter Request
  • Notarized Consolidated General Application Form (CGAF)
  • Photocopy passport (bio-page, latest arrival, and authorized stay)
  • Applicant’s curriculum vitae
  • Photocopy of SEC Registration, By-Laws and Articles of Inc.
  • Photocopy of Employment Contract
  • Applicant’s Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • BI Clearance Certificate
Special Work Permits are usually issued to:
  • Professional athletes visiting and competing only for a limited period;
  • Foreign nationals who perform emergency or exceptional temporary services, but did not secure a pre-arranged employment visa; and
  • Artists, musicians, and other performers.


Processing Time : 5-10 DAYS

A Provisional Work permit (PWP) is issued by the Bureau of Immigration to a foreign national during the probation of an application for pre-arranged employment visa. The validity period of a PWP is three months from the date of issuance.

Requirements for Provisional Work Permit (PWP):
  • Bio-data
  • Photocopy of passport with valid visa
  • Proof of 9(g) application
  • Alien Employment Permit (AEP)
  • Contract of employment
  • Letter request from petitioner company
  • Affidavit of support of the petitioner company
  • SEC registration of the company
  • ITR of the company


Processing Time : 2-3 MONTHS

An Alien Employment Permit (AEP) is a document issued by the Department of Labor and Employment that allows a foreign national to work in the Philippines. An employee must be petitioned by their company and it must generally be shown that no person found in the Philippines is willing or competent to perform the service for which the foreign national is hired. AEPs are valid for a period of one (1) year, unless the employment contract, consultancy services, or other modes of engagement or term of office for elective officers, provides for a longer period.

New Issuance
Requirements for Alien Employment Permit (AEP):
  • Application Form duly accomplished and must be notarized
  • Letter of Request Address to DOLE
  • TIN ID of the Applicant
  • Contract of Employment/Appointment/
  • Notarized Board Secretary's Certificate on the election of Foreign
  • Nat'l (Original or duplicate original is required)
  • Certified Photocopy of passport with visa or Certificate
  • Photocopy of Mayor's Permit
  • Photocopy of PEZA Registration Certificate for 47a2 visa holders)
  • Pictures 2 pcs 1x1 and 2 pcs 2x2
  • Other documents (e.g. cover/endorsement letter of application and authorization letter from company or alien)
Requirements for Alien Employment Permit (AEP):
  • Application Form duly accomplished and must be notarized
  • Letter of Request Address to DOLE
  • TIN ID of the Applicant
  • Contract of Employment/Appointment/
  • Notarized Board Secretary's Certificate on the election of Foreign Nat'll
  • Certified Photocopy of passport with visa
  • Photocopy of updated Mayor's Permit
  • AEP Card previously issued or photocopy of current AEP
  • Other documents (e.g. cover/endorsement letter of application and authorization letter from company or alien)


Processing Time : 2-3 MONTHS

A 9(g) is the most common type of work visa for foreigners entering the Philippines to engage in a lawful occupation. In general, it must be shown that the services of the foreign national are indispensable to the management, operation, administration, or control of local or locally-based firms. The companies must petition their employees to obtain this visa.

  • Joint letter request addressed to the Commissioner from the applicant and the petitioner;
  • Duly accomplished CGAF for Non-Immigrant Visa;
  • Photocopy of passport bio-page and latest admission with valid authorized stay;
  • Photocopy of Employment Contract, Secretary's Certificate of Election, Appointment or Assignment of applicant, or equivalent document, with details of exact compensation, duration of employment and comprehensive description of the nature and scope of the applicant's position in the company;
  • Photocopy of petitioner's latest Income Tax Return (ITR) with the corresponding proof of payment (official receipt, bank teller's validation slip, BIR's eFPS payment details' print-out or other similar evidence);
      For Corporations or Partnerships, photocopies of the following:
        Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate of Registration; Articles of Incorporation; iii. General Information Sheet (GIS) for the current year stamped received by the SEC;
      For Single Proprietorships, photocopies of the following:
        Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Certificate of Registration of Business Name; Mayor's Permit;
  • Photocopy of Alien Employment Permit (AEP) issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE);
  • Notarized certification of number of foreign and Filipino employees from the petitioning company (preferred format can be downloaded at the BI website);
  • Special Temporary Permit for an applicant practicing a regulated profession under the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), if applicable; and
  • Original or certified true copy of Bureau of Quarantine Medical Clearance, if applicant is a national of any of the countries listed under Annex 'A' of Immigration Operations Order No. SBM-14-059-A who arrived in the Philippines on or after June 2014.



Processing Time : 2-3 MONTHS

Section 47(a)(2) of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, as amended, allows the President to admit as non-immigrants, foreign nationals who are coming for a temporary period only, under conditions as he may prescribe, such as investors or employees of PEZA or BOI-registered companies.

  • Letter request addressed to the Commissioner for the grant of the visa by a responsible officer of the company;
  • Duly accomplished CGAF (BI Form CGAF-002-Rev 0);
  • Photocopy of passport bio-page and latest admission with valid authorized stay;
  • Certification by a responsible officer of the petitioner/company that:
    • The person in whose favor the visa is being requested is an executive of the applicant’s company and will work exclusively for the petitioner’s Regional Headquarters (RHQ) or Regional Operating Headquarters (ROHQ) which is duly licensed to operate;
    • The applicant will receive a salary and will be paid by the RHQ or ROHQ in the Philippines in an amount equivalent to at least Twelve Thousand United States Dollars (US$12,000.00) or equivalent in other foreign currencies per annum;
  • Comprehensive bio-data or Curriculum Vitae (CV) of applicant, specifying, among others, his/her educational attainment, work experiences and trainings;
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate of Registration and General Information Sheet for the current year of the petitioner stamped received by the SEC;
  • NBI Clearance Certificate; and
  • Original or certified true copy of Bureau of Quarantine Medical Clearance, if applicant is a national of any of the countries listed under Annex “A” of Immigration Operations Order No. SBM-14-059-A who arrived in the Philippines on or after June 2


Processing Time : 1-4 MONTHS

For foreign nationals who shall invest at least USD75,000 in existing or new corporations in the Philippines who have not been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, been afflicted with any loathsome, dangerous or contagious disease; have not been institutionalized for any mental disorder or disability; applicant is at least 21 years old. SIRV holders can stay in the Philippines as long as their investment subsists and is entitled to import used household goods and personal effects tax and duty-free as an alien coming to settle in the Philippines for the first time.

For purposes of securing an SIRV, only shares of stocks in the following shall be accepted as eligible forms of investment:
  1. In existing corporations:
    • Publicly-listed companies
    • Companies engaged in IPP (Investment Priorities Plan)
    • Companies engaged in the manufacturing and service sector
  2. In proposed corporations:
    • Companies to be engaged in the manufacturing and service sectors, or
    • Companies to be engaged in IPP projects


Processing Time : 3-4 Weeks

Issued to foreign nationals and overseas Filipinos, under the Retirement Program of the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA). It entitles the holders to multiple-entry privileges with the right to stay permanently in the Philippines.

  1. 35 years old & above – US$20,000

NOTE: Additional Visa Deposit – US$15,000 per dependent in excess of two (2)

  1. 35 to 49 years old – US$50,000
  2. 50 years old & above: Without pension – US$20,000 With Pension – US$10,000
  1. 35 years old & above – US$10,000

NOTE: Retiree must be shown to have a pre-existing condition (except contagious disease) and in need of medical care and services. Show proof of monthly pension remitted to the Philippines equal to at least US$1,500

  1. 35 years old for former Filipino citizens– US$1,500
  2. 50 years old & above for ambassadors/retired diplomats who served in the Phils. – US$1,500

NOTE: Additional Visa deposit – US$15,000 per dependent in excess of two (2) except for Former Filipinos

  1. US$1,400.00 for the principle.
  2. US$300.00 for each spouse/dependent Note: One-time payment only
  1. US$360.00 Annual PRA Fee (APF) for principal, Spouse, and (1) child upon enrolment and every year thereafter.
  2. US$100.00 for each dependent in excess of two (2)
  1. US$360.00 Annual PRA Fee (APF) upon enrolment and every year thereafter.

NOTE: To cover one (1) dependent only.

  1. US$10.00 Annual PRA Fee (APF)
LOCKED-IN in the bank
LOCKED-IN in the bank



Regardless of if you are a Filipino citizen of a foreign national, we provide assistance with both tourist and business visa processing for countries that require this of you. We have assisted several nationalities with attaining a visa for the countries listed, but not limited to, those below:

Australia Canada Hongkong Maldives Switzerland
Austria Colombia Ireland Malta Taiwan
Bahamas Costa Italy New UK
Bahrain France Japan Singapore United States of America
Belgium Germany Luxembourg South Korea Vietnam
Brazil Greece Macao Spain Others*




Processing Time: 1 MONTH

To switch to another type of visa, whether your current visa is valid or expired, one must first revert current visa to 9(a) Temporary Visa. Visa holders must undergo the procedure of downgrading to continue their stay in the Philippines without any immigration problems in the future.



Processing Time: 3 DAYS

For foreign nationals leaving the Philippines who have stayed in the country for six (6) months or more, depending on the applicable ECC type. Without the proof that ECC has been processed properly, such as a receipt, one can be denied from departure at the airport.



Processing Time: 2-3 DAYS

NBI Clearance is issued by National Bureau of Investigation of the Philippines that indicates if there have been any criminal cases that have been filed against an individual. If the same name as a foreign national is on the blacklist, the Bureau of Immigration may require him/her to acquire NBI clearance upon visa application.

Requirements for NBI Clearance:

  • Two (2) valid government ID’s; and
  • NBI Clearance application form

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Regardless of the size of your firm, you can benefit from Business Asia’s finance and accounting services. Our accounting team understands the laws and regulations needed to assist any company in payroll, bookkeeping, auditing, and tax requirements.

BA Consulting’s team of financial experts provide below services:

  • Hassle- and error-free payroll processing
  • Reliable bookkeeping and accounting services
  • External and internal auditing for your company
  • Tax reporting & compliance consultancy


Payroll is a critical responsibility for the human resource department as it involves all the financial matters that deal with the company’s employees, including salary, benefits and deductions. Business Asia Consulting’s payroll services provide companies, from large corporations with hundreds of employees to start-ups with a small team, with a reliable payroll computation, ensuring that companies never overpay – or underpay – their employees, alongside the necessary employee benefits.

Payroll Services include the computation and preparation of:

  • Basic salaries, overtime pay, night differential, rest day and holiday pay
  • Employee leaves as well as track available leave balances
  • WTAX, Annual Tax, Final Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax and other taxes applicable to the employees
  • SSS, PHIC, HDMF and Union contributions
  • 13th month pay and other bonuses and benefits
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual government forms
  • Other forms such as:
    • BIR Form 1601-C
    • BIR Form 2316
    • BIR Form 1604-CF with Alphalist and data file


Every business is required to submit monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), regardless of its structure. Business Asia Consulting’s bookkeeping services provide record keeping of your day-to-day business transactions, in which remove the burden of such tedious and repetitive paperwork from your hands. Our attorneys and CPAs ensure smooth operations and monitoring of all your books, allowing you to focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Financial Reporting Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Trial Balance
  • Comparative Balance Sheets (Yearly)
  • Comparative Income Statements (Monthly and Yearly)
  • Copy of filed government reports (1601 E, 1604E, 1702Q, 1702, 2550M, 2550Q for Vat registered, 2551M, 2551Q for Non-Vat registered clients)
  • Etcetera


Financial auditing is a mandatory annual requirement to be submitted to the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Business Asia’s team of tax experts can provide analysis of your business accounting system for internal and external reporting. By auditing and reviewing your finances, you can determine the value of your business and have a clear picture of the past, present, and future state of your company. Regular auditing is also highly recommended to comply with proper accounting policies in accordance with latest government updates.


  • Financial statements audit


Business Asia Consulting is equipped with a diverse team of experts all working together to provide top-notch HR Consultancy Services needed by both new and existing businesses. Our goal is to ensure that your company's HR infrastructure is structured towards constant growth and efficiency.


  • Company Mission and Vision Statement
  • Corporate Values
  • Strategic Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Organizational Charts


  • Job Offer Letters
  • Probationary employment contracts
  • Regularization employment contracts
  • Company manual and policies
  • Memorandums
  • Quit claims


  • Starting salary
  • Benefits administration
  • Annual salary increase
  • Salary alignment
  • Bonus planning, design, and review


  • Starting salary
  • Benefits administration
  • Annual salary increase
  • Salary alignment
  • Bonus planning, design, and review


  • Young executive fast-tracking
  • General performance management
  • Sales performance assessment
  • Management preparation
  • Enhancement of strategic thinking
  • Conflict management


At Business Asia, with our multilingual staff and experts, we aim to bridge any communication gaps that you may be experiencing with regards to your business.

Documentation Translation


Legal Documents
  • Contracts & Agreements, Licenses & Permits, Wills & Trusts, Certificates, Legal Letters, Notices & Notes
Financial Documents
  • Tax Forms & Returns, Bank Statements, Insurance Applications
Technical Documents
  • User Manuals & Guides, Troubleshooting guides, Technical reports, Instructional documents, Technical specifications
Business Documents
  • Business Letters & Proposals, Press Releases, Commercial Invoices, Purchase Orders, Business Presentations
Interpreter Service


  • Chinese ↔ English
  • Korean ↔ English
  • Japanese ↔ English
  • Tagalog ↔ English



Together with BA Consulting, your business is ensured to gain the necessary presence in the Philippines to reach your objectives. We believe that every business is unique and has specific needs. From office space, equipment, and condominium units for your employees, BA Consulting provides a wide selection of options to meet your company’s requirements.

Once we have identified your business requirements, we give realistic options based on your timeline and budget.


One of the important aspects of starting a successful business in the Philippines is the establishment of a physical office. Whether a large international company or startup business, Business Asia’s office setup services can save your time and cost, so that you can fully focus on the business operations.

  • Title Verification
  • Preparation/Review of Deed of Sale or Lease Agreements


Looking for a property that perfectly matches your needs can be time-consuming, especially when you are not familiar with the current status of real estate market in the Philippines.

With Business Asia’s reliable options of condominiums, you are ensured to find the exact unit you want that fits your budget.


With BA Consulting , clients can capitalize on emerging opportunities to maximize their real estate assets and investments. Business Asia’s highly skilled professional real estate partners aid clients in strategic studies and consulting investment projects. This enables client companies to capitalize on emerging opportunities and gain fresh insights that will help them maximize their real estate assets and investments.