Together with BA Consulting, your business is ensured to gain the necessary presence in the Philippines to reach your objectives. We believe that every business is unique and has specific needs. From office space, equipment, and condominium units for your employees, BA Consulting provides a wide selection of options to meet your company’s requirements.

Once we have identified your business requirements, we give realistic options based on your timeline and budget.


One of the important aspects of starting a successful business in the Philippines is the establishment of a physical office. Whether a large international company or startup business, Business Asia’s office setup services can save your time and cost, so that you can fully focus on the business operations.

  • Title Verification
  • Preparation/Review of Deed of Sale or Lease Agreements


Looking for a property that perfectly matches your needs can be time-consuming, especially when you are not familiar with the current status of real estate market in the Philippines.

With Business Asia’s reliable options of condominiums, you are ensured to find the exact unit you want that fits your budget.


With BA Consulting , clients can capitalize on emerging opportunities to maximize their real estate assets and investments. Business Asia’s highly skilled professional real estate partners aid clients in strategic studies and consulting investment projects. This enables client companies to capitalize on emerging opportunities and gain fresh insights that will help them maximize their real estate assets and investments.